The Easy Repeat

Quickly create and edit seamless vector patterns in Illustrator with these simple shortcuts and hacks.


And finally just get the software to do what you want.

Perfect patterns are possible and with the right tools and shortcuts, you'll breeze through repeats. Free up time to design more and fuss with Illustrator less.

Learn simple tricks to easily create seamless repeats in Illustrator and troubleshoot when things go wrong. So no matter what issue pops up, you'll know how to solve it.

Learn the best tricks.
Create beautiful repeats.
Realize your vision.


In 6 step by step videos, you'll learn proven tricks and shortcuts to create vector repeats in Illustrator.

  • How to control pattern settings to create the repeat you envision
  • The quick fix to speed up Illustrator if it’s rendering slowly
  • Troubleshooting when motifs are clipped on pattern tile edges
  • How to get rid of those pesky white lines in your pattern
  • Adding background colors to your repeat
  • Live editing your pattern so it auto-magically updates in your artwork
  • Easily draw organic motifs to use in your pattern
  • The secret keyboard shortcut to resize your pattern in one click
  • Quickly mock up multiple versions of your pattern to compare subtle layout changes
  • How to make perfectly aligned geometric patterns with this secret tool
  • The shortcut to prepping one pattern tile for production


Q: When does the course start?

Any time you want. The course is self paced and you get instant (and lifetime) access. Start now, next week, or next month (although I recommend starting sooner so you don't keep fussing with patterns)!

Q: What if I'm a beginner?

Base Illustrator knowledge is assumed, but you don't need to be an expert. If you can follow along with my free tutorials, you'll do just fine.

Q: What if I'm experienced?

You'll learn simpler ways to create repeats and understand why things work the way they do so you can troubleshoot no matter what comes up.

Q: What version of Illustrator do I need?

The course is taught using CC 2017, but everything can be done in CS6 or newer.

Q: What happens when I buy the course?

You'll get a confirmation email and and INSTANT access to ALL content.

Q: How long do I get access to the material?

How does lifetime access sound? Yep, forever.


I know this content works - I have hundreds of students to prove that - which is why I offer you a 30 day money back guarantee.

If you're not happy for any reason, email me and I'll refund the full cost, no questions asked.


My students see great success. You will too.

"I only recently stumbled upon your youtube channel and it has been a life saver. I went to FIT to study fashion design and I promise I have gotten so much more from your youtube channel than I did in school." - Helen, FIT graduate
"I just wanted to say how perfectly you explain everything and at a really nice pace. I love how you have broken everything down and one thing flows easily to the next. I couldn't have asked you to present the information any better!" - Hayley, Illustrator beginner
"I love that you include the troubleshooting – it's increasing my confidence to not throw my hands up in the air when something goes wrong. And it saves soooooo much time compared to starting again which is what I used to do." - Jen, Experienced designer


Heidi {Sew Heidi}

My expert Illustrator skills and eye for design have carried me through multiple promotions and eventually led to being a partner in a small fashion design firm where I’ve been able to triple my income while working half the hours of any full time job.

I'm sharing my proven tricks and shortcuts that I discovered after thousands of hours of work so you can have the same success.