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Adobe Illustrator Masterclass for Fashion Designers

Cut your design time in half and further your career, even if you’re overwhelmed and can’t find the confidence you need to get ahead.


"I’m charging the same amount...but since I’m more efficient...I’m making more money!" - Karen L

"I'm more confident with AI and it's not this scary thing that I am just doing WRONG." - Heather D

"I can draw while talking on the phone! I used to have to concentrate...and it took hours!" - Victoria J


You do things the way you’re comfortable, but feel insecure about your productivity. And you know there are faster ways.

Maybe you sketch well by hand, so never took time to learn. But without the right computer skills, you've found yourself unemployable.

Are you lacking confidence? Every time you open the software, you feel like you've hit a brick wall and you're afraid. There’s just so much to know.

Now imagine...

It's noon on Tuesday and your Illustrator work is done for the week. The boards are ready to send out. Your detailed flats are stylized and filled with repeating patterns to scale.

All two days ahead of deadline.

You email the buyer and treat yourself to a long lunch at your favorite Midtown cafe.

The rest of the day you spend on WGSN and Pinterest collecting trend research and color inspo for next season. Coral is hot right now and you jot down the exact Pantone shade.

The buyer replies at 3:30 with changes. You open AI and do them with ease. She's impressed when the updates arrive 15 minutes later, and you smile. It's relieving to know you got this.

Your next two days are dedicated to shopping the market and creating mood boards. Much more fun than fighting with the same Illustrator sketch for hours.

It's another great week working in fashion.

Sound good?

It won't happen overnight, but you can get there.


Stop feeling like you're always playing catch up and start feeling like you're one of the "gang" in the intimidating design world.

Get out of the boring admin job you resent because you're so over qualified.

Never again feel so anxious about your lack of skills that it prevents you from reaching your goals.

You’ll forget about all those times you wanted to scream at the computer.

(Or if you’re anything like me, you actually did: “Why is it doing that?! Why isn’t it working?!”)


Like Wendy, you'll learn things you wish you knew years ago - and you'll be more confident. After 15 years in the industry, she can finally transition to the creative side:

Wendy, product developer.

And guess what? You don’t have to know how to do everything - not now, not ever.

You'll be relieved to discover the tools and features you can ignore.

My Masterclass is a step by step training that shows you the easiest and fastest ways to use Illustrator for fashion so you can get ahead in this insanely cutthroat industry.


The biggest mistake designers make is doing things the roundabout way. You think, "that's just how long it takes." You get the job done, but know you're missing something.

I've heard this one too many times:

"I worked my way around it, but it wasn't pretty!!"

When I first started in the industry, my processes weren't pretty either. I had to figure everything out DIY style.

I spent time learning three tools only to discover there was one that did the same thing easier.

I hacked things together so visually they worked...but they were not made correctly. When it came time to do edits, things took FOREVER!

Season after season, the files became a tangled rat's nest of paths and anchor points. Often it was easier to just start over.

Like you, I fumbled and did things inefficiently - sometimes I thought I was doing them right, sometimes it was the only way I knew. But there was one constant:


Days to get patterns into perfect repeat. Hours to complete a single tech sketch.

It tore my confidence to shreds and I felt like a total fraud. I hobbled along, feeling like I had no idea what I was doing.

The excuse remained:

"Well, that's just how long it takes."


I was doing things the long way, and I bet you're doing the same.

"I am an experienced fashion design professional who prides herself on an intimate knowledge of Illustrator. I have been using it since college many years ago...yet I still learned so many tips, tricks, and ways to work faster and easier with Heidi's course. Things I had been doing out of habit in older, slower ways for years have been improved with Heidi's course." - Lyn E, Freelance Designer


I spent countless hours figuring out better, faster and easier ways.

Why did it take so much work?

There aren't a lot of Illustrator for fashion resources out there.

School is just a means to an end so you're complying, but you're not getting exactly what you need.

Or you've graduated but wish you had more Illy knowledge. Unfortunately, the courses at FIT only teach basic skills - and now you're struggling to learn certain things.

Maybe you're old school and were never taught AI - which has been a huge disadvantage.

So you've been learning via tutorials and the "help" topics. But the road has been long and there are evenings where you literally spend 1-2 hours trying to learn/use/find a single function.

It feels like learning a new language. Honestly, they might as well be speaking Chinese to you.

But what if you actually enjoyed designing in AI? Like you, Hayley was freaked out at the thought of learning. But after The Masterclass, she finally likes the software:

Hayley, activewear designer.

Just like Hayley, I want you to actually enjoy Illustrator - instead of getting frustrated trying to figure things out on your own. Because that's really hard.

Which is why I created the Masterclass. It's everything you need to make yourself more marketable in this brutally competitive industry.

I would have killed for something like this instead of wasting hours doing things the wrong way.

Feel like you can't find the time to catch up?

You may be surprised how much you can learn in five minutes. Tessa has not only saved valuable time, but money too:

Tessa, aspiring designer.


In the Masterclass, I'll show you my proven shortcuts and techniques I've spent years discovering to do things the fastest way possible.

Feel like you're already efficient?

Like Jen, you may be surprised to find instant success in the first video:

"I wasn’t expecting to learn stuff in the set up video that would make a difference to my work flow – I was pretty sure I was doing that in the most time efficient manner – but the thing with rearranging your desk top and snapping the different tools together was gold – it’s saved me time right from the start and made me realise how much faster and better things will get." - Jen A, Pattern Drafter & Designer, www.onethimble.com.au

In a couple weeks, you’ll be sketching flats and totally in control of the Pen Tool - able to accurately predict every path instead of wondering what weird thing it's going to do next.

"I've been struggling to even do the most basic curve... and thanks to you I can pretty much do anything now. Once again, THANK YOUUU!" - Amara

A few weeks later, you’ll know the industry tricks that took me years to learn about repeating patterns and brushes (think zippers / stitching / ruffles / etc).

"Learning to use Illustrator to digitise my patterns was like giving birth to a country. I pretty much hated it and then I discovered Sew Heidi and her amazing tutorials and now I love Ai a lot. The trick to learning anything is to find a tutor or teacher that you click with. It also helps if you are learning from a person who works in your field. Then you can focus on the processes you need and not the endless stuff you don't." - Vanessa B, Seamstress & Pattern Maker

Fast forward a few months. Your design process will be so streamlined, you’ll wonder how you ever got anything done before. Free up time to focus on things you love - like trend research and picking colors. You know, the fun stuff - instead of fighting with the same sketch for hours.

Not only will you have more confidence in Illustrator. You'll have more confidence in YOURSELF.

You'll make yourself a more valuable part of the team.

You'll finally get the respect you deserve from your demanding boss.

You'll have the skills to move up within the company.

And you’ll zip through tasks that used to take forever.

Getting there's not as hard as you may think - everything's presented in a way that's easy to understand.

"...you've done a brilliant job of simplifying the whole thing. Some of the other tutorials out there are really overly complicated..."
"...straightforward, clear, and easy to follow - you're a great teacher..."
"You made everything clear and logical. And you didn't take forever to explain it."


I've seen others who are really fast in Illustrator - they're getting the best jobs, promotions, or even launching their own label.

Are you already 20 years late in pursuing your dream?

You need every edge possible to get ahead in the competitive design world.

And you're terrified that you'll be 50 and too old to be charting for some kind of success.

Or maybe you've been laid off after 15 years with the same company?

You've worked in fashion your whole life, but you're old school and do everything by hand.

Despite your industry connections, your lack of AI experience has left you unemployable.

Just like Tricia, your next employer will expect you to know Illustrator.

"I use illustrator everyday in my job, and when I hire people, I expect them to have illustrator skills. Most fashion school students do not get the instruction they need to move forward confidently with this critical program, and Sew Heidi is providing a truly valuable experience at an extremely good value! DO IT! TAKE THE CLASS NOW!" - Tricia H, VP of Development, www.SourceEasy.com

The industry has changed. Companies are doing layoffs and designers are expected to know how to do everything. Sketch flats. Create repeats. Layout line sheets. Do tech sketches.

All in Illustrator.

Just like Kelly, you're expected to wear many hats. Despite her expertise in fabric and being intimidated by AI, she was able to figure out how to sketch flats with my help:

Kelly, Fabric developer.


You know there are faster ways, easier ways, better ways - but you're comfortable with how you do things now, so you keep limping along.

Or you've been way too intimidated to even get started. But design is your passion and you're not willing to give up.

You're not alone.

In the meantime...

You watch the top performers. They're getting promoted. Landing their dream job. Launching their own collection. Like you, their eye for design is strong, but they're getting ahead because they're super good in Illustrator.

AI is the most relevant requirement for design positions. And you know you need this edge to get ahead...because the competition is fiercely brutal.

Not knowing Illustrator well has already kept you from certain jobs. Don't let it happen again.


In 6 months, do you want to be:

  • Stuck behind the same desk at the boring job you despise - or finally breaking into the industry after all these years?
  • Still getting turned down for senior positions that you previously held because you're not considered "proficient" - or able to express your vision in AI as clearly as you can on paper?
  • Still spending 2 hours on a single tech sketch - or confidently zipping through tasks that used to take forever?

I know what I'd choose.


When you sign up for the Adobe Illustrator Masterclass for Fashion Designers, you get:

  • Instant access to ALL modules and content including videos, downloads and templates
  • 10+ hours of instructional video content showing you how to do use Illustrator for fashion design
  • All video lessons are broken down into bite size pieces so you can go at a comfortable pace
  • 6 weeks of lesson plans delivered right to your inbox
  • Sample vector files for every module so you can follow right along
  • The tested and proven shortcuts and tricks I personally use to speed up the design process

Plus These Awesome Extras:

  • 8 Industry Insider videos where I take you behind the scenes to show you the exact methods I use every day in my Illustrator design workflow
  • The actual brush packs I rely on to save me hours every week
  • My expert workspace template that I've spent years refining


  1. Set Up A Solid Foundation: The Essentials You Can't Live Without
    • Maximizing the Illustrator Workspace
    • Creating Organized Designs with Minimal Tools
  2. Sketch Fashion Flats: Draw Your Designs Efficiently With These Proven Methods
    • Working With Hand Drawn Sketches
    • Get Comfortable with The Pen Tool to Easily Draw Sketches
    • Easily Curve Paths & Other Fashion Sketching Techniques
    • Shortcuts & Tricks for Drawing Flats
  3. Repeat After Me: Seamless Repeating Patterns & Brushes Are A Huge Time Saver
    • Working with Pattern Brushes to Design More Quickly
    • Tricks for Making & Editing Repeating Patterns
    • Converting a Photo or Fabric Swatch to a Vector Pattern
  4. Making Colorways: The Easy Tricks Many Advanced Designers Don't Know
    • Coloring Artwork With Live Paint
    • Coloring Patterns or Sketches in Minutes Not Hours with Live Color
  5. Packaging It All Up: The Way A Pro Prepares for Presentations & Production
    • Creating Technical Sketches with Callouts
    • Laying Out Line Sheets & Presentation Boards

My Adobe Illustrator Masterclass for Fashion Designers is the only step-by-step course that shows you exactly how to use AI for fashion.

It's packed full of real industry how to's, proven tricks and shortcuts, and design techniques that you can start using right away.


Q: Who is the Masterclass for?

  • Designers who use the methods they're comfortable but know there's a faster way.
  • Designers who want to spend less time in Illustrator and more time doing the fun stuff.
  • Designers who want to get ahead in the industry so they can land their next awesome job or get the promotion they deserve.
  • Designers who feel stuck in their current position and are ready to break into the creative side of fashion.

Q: What if I'm a textile designer?

This class will work for you too. Like JoAnn, one of my top textile students, you'll be amazed how easily the content transfers between fashion and textiles:

JoAnn, textile designer.

Q: How is the Masterclass different from Sketch Beautiful Flats?

The Masterclass and the Beautiful Flats course are complementary. The Masterclass is a thorough course that covers all aspects of Illustrator for fashion including sketching, repeating patterns, colorways, line sheets, etc. Beautiful flats is specifically focused on sketching flats and goes into more thorough and detailed skills to do that.

The courses are very complimentary but not exclusive. Many students are happily enrolled in both and gain very different and valuable skills from each.

Q: What if I'm a total beginner?

This class is for you too. If you don't want to fight your way through the software but instead want to get on track and up to speed fast, you're in the right spot. You'll learn how to do everything the fast way - the first time around.

Q: I've tried to learn Illustrator before, but have been discouraged and haven't had great success. How do I know this works?

Like you, Sue had never found complete success either. But going through the Masterclass and learning from a professional was much more beneficial for her:

Sue, lecturer in printed textiles.

And don't forget, The Masterclass comes with a 30 day money back guarantee so you've got nothing to lose. If you put in the work and don't see the results, email me for a full refund.

Q: I've been using other fashion software (e.g. NedGraphics, Colour Matters) - can the Masterclass help me transition to Illustrator?

Most of the fashion software is dying, and everyone's using Illustrator. Your industry friends use it. All job postings require "proficiency". And you're freaking out. Transitioning to Illustrator from another software can be tricky - but I've led dozens of students successfully. The Masterclass is taught using conceptual instruction not a just do what I show you instruction. I'll show you everything in an easy to understand format using my proven methods so you can focus on designing and not on fighting with the software.

"I have taken other Illustrator classes in the past that have been ineffective. They don't focus enough on what a fashion designer needs to accomplish in Illustrator. I found Heidi's class to be extremely helpful. Coming from working in another fashion design software, Colour Matters, I wasn't sure where to start. Heidi guided me through every step of the process in thoughtful lessons that I can pause, skip and return to whenever I need a refresher. I highly recommend this course!" - Mindy G

Q: But what about Photoshop? Don't I need to learn that too?

Stop it. Stop worrying about Photoshop - seriously. I see too many designers freaking out that they need to learn both Illustrator and Photoshop - at the same time. Trust me, I've been doing this long enough to know better - your priority right now needs to be Illustrator. Leave Photoshop for what it does best, editing photos.

Q: What version of Illustrator do I need?

The course is taught using CC 2015, but most everything can be done in CS4 or newer. For features specific to newer versions (ie the Pattern Making Tool available in CS6 or newer only), there are videos that show alternate methods for earlier versions.

Q: What happens when I buy the Masterclass?

You'll get a confirmation email and shortly after another email with a course introduction.

You get INSTANT access to ALL modules and content including videos, downloads and templates so you can work at a pace that's best for you. You're free to jump ahead if you want.

You'll get weekly lesson plans delivered directly to you inbox for 6 weeks to help you stay on track.

You can work faster or slower than this 6-week pace since you have instant access to all material, but the weekly lesson plans have been proven to help a lot of designers stay focused.

Q: How long do I get access to the material?

How does lifetime access sound? Yep, forever. Anything else? Yes! You also get lifetime updates - so anytime a new video or extra feature is added, you'll be the first to know and will have immediate access to all new content.

And yes, I know that's a pretty sweet deal - it's because I want you to kill it in Illustrator.


I know this course works - I have hundreds of students to prove that - which is why I offer you a 30 day money back guarantee.

If you commit to The Masterclass, I will support you and be with you every step of the way. It's not going to happen overnight, but you will have all the tools and strategies to get there.

However, these techniques only work if you do. I am going to show you exactly how to do it, but you'll need to put in time each week to learn and practice. If you show me that you've put in the work but are still not happy, I'll refund the full course cost, no questions asked.


Heidi {Sew Heidi}

My expert Illustrator skills and eye for design have carried me through multiple promotions and eventually led to being a partner in a small fashion design firm where I’ve been able to triple my income while working half the hours of any full time job.

I'm sharing my proven tricks and shortcuts that I discovered after thousands of hours of work so you can have the same success.


"I've been trying to learn how to do this for a while, and you've done a brilliant job of simplifying the whole thing. Some of the other tutorials out there are really overly complicated; this is the best I've seen by far... I can't thank you enough! :)" - Katie

I've helped thousands of designers like you learn how to do things the best and fastest way in Illustrator. They've escaped their boring jobs, gained the confidence they need and beaten out the competition to get ahead.

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  • 2,201,218 Minutes Watched
  • 1,068,067 Video Views

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You are finally ready to learn from a pro.

Like Rorra, you want to get ahead fast instead of wasting 3 years on traditional methods that don't work:

Rorra, independent designer.


  • 5 proven modules to learn the fastest ways to do everything from sketching flats to repeating patterns and line sheets to tech sketches
  • 40+ file downloads to follow along
  • Lesson plans delivered to your inbox weekly to keep you on track
  • Lifetime access to all content and course updates


  • 8 behind the scenes Industry Insider videos to see how a pro does it
  • My personal brush libraries that I use every day to save hours each week
  • The custom workspaces I've spent years refining so you don't have to
"Heidi, OMG I cannot believe how MUCH content is in your course! I have taken almost 10 Illustrator courses and have never seen something as in depth as your course. I paid $1000 GBP (~$1500 USD) for a course that had about 1/5 the content. You are literally giving this thing away at this price and should be charging WAY more!" - Evie


You will receive instant access to all video training, file downloads and extras.